Adhering to a sound investment philosophy has seen Fairtree Capital deliver long-term performance that has served our clients well.

Fairtree is an African investment manager that manages alternative and long only investment portfolios across all global asset classes for institutional clients and high net worth individuals. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our firm commitment to a consistent investment philosophy has continued to deliver high-quality returns to investors since the inception of our first fund in 2003.

A top-down and bottom-up view

We pride ourselves on our acclaimed specialist teams, as well as our tried, tested and proven risk and portfolio management processes. Meticulous top-down and bottom-up analysis ensures a diversified selection of investments in each fund.
With expertise grounded in South Africa and Africa, we have developed a diverse product portfolio. Our products include a variety of equity, fixed income, credit, commodity, volatility arbitrage, balanced and multi-strategy mandates, with over R60 billion ($3,8 bn) combined assets under management.

Integrity, Excellence, Growth, Real Relationships And Family

These are the values that define Fairtree and support each decision we make.


Our foundation is one of integrity- doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. We live integrity by being authentic, honest, delivering on our commitments and being fair in all our dealings.

Pursuing excellence

We are committed to pursuing excellence. We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and to approach every challenge with a determination to succeed. We believe that excellence is a mind-set and an attitude, and should thus be reflected in all we do.

Dedicated to growth

We continually grow and refine our investment process to incorporate developments in the market, and new and more efficient ways to express our investment views. At the same time, developing and growing our staff is key to achieving excellence. We empower high-achievers, enabling them to realise their dreams.

Real Relationships

We build strong, honest and open relationships with our clients and within the Fairtree family. The outcome of real relationship is mutual trust and respect.

Our Families

We value and respect our own personal families as well as the Fairtree family. We prioritise creating an environment where work and family are not in conflict as we truly believe it is a crucial element of productive and rewarding work.